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SS Obergruppenfuehrer Oswald Pohl

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Anklageschrift im Prozess USA gegen Oswald Pohl und andere

Angaben zu SIII,Haeftlingsstaerke,Zweck und Baubeginn

Link(Yale University):


....Another project under Amtsgruppe C was the construction of a secret Fuehrer headquarters near Ohrdruf. The project was known by the code name S III. The defendant Sommer himself went to Buchenwald to select the inmates for this important work. The strength of the project, which was commenced in November 1944, reached 13,000 by 27 March 1945 and hundreds of inmates were killed by overwork and mistreatment.

Various other construction projects were carried out by Amtsgruppe C. The so-called "A" projects were underground work detachments, designated A-1, A-2, A-3, etc. Construction of these projects included the enormous undertaking of moving the munitions industries underground and cost the lives of thousands of inmates. The "B" projects were surface work details. "S" projects were secret building detachments, such as the one at Ohrdruf, and the "V" projects already described, involved production of secret weapons.

Amtsgruppe C was the largest user of concentration camp inmates. Kammler was constantly on the search for new manpower for his construction brigades. On 10 February 1942 he wrote to Gluecks, chief of Amtsgruppe D:

"In view of the increasing shortage of civilian workers the execution of the construction tasks devolving upon the SS Economic Administrative Main Office in the 3d year of war, 1942, requires the employment of an increased number of prisoners, prisoners of war, and Jews.

"Although through the operation 'Heinrich' a certain number of German construction firms and skilled workers have already been secured for construction projects in the Eastern territory for the establishment of supply depots, it is, nevertheless, essential that prisoners, prisoners of war, Jews, etc. be kept in readiness as helpers for the jobs in all circumstances."

The evidence will show that the defendants Eirenschmalz and Kiefer, as members of the Amtsgruppe C, played a vital part in this construction program and are responsible for the mistreatment, torture, and murder of untold hundreds of concentration camps inmates

Wenn ich die Folgen geahnt hätte, wäre ich Uhrmacher geworden.

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